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so after quitting the tutoring job which is in Mission Viejo, I might still find my way back to the Irvine Area. My aunt was like “that’s the rich are too so it’ll be even better. And you know that area well” and yes I guess I do know Irvine well enough. I wonder where the exact new location of my potential job in Irvine will be at !

Feeling inspired

So I’ve been browsing google plus to look at how my food blog appears through my google plus posts and saw a HOT RIGHT NOW post about food by none other than a classmate from high school. So I checked it out and apparently she has a well developed food blog and has own foodie awards and goes to food events that are paid for and sponsored for. Wow! That is pretty incredible and is totally inspiring me right now to better develop my own food blog. I hope one day it can get as much or even more traffic than her food blog and gain some recognition. Her food blog is pretty awesome though!! It’s much ado about fooding ( just google it!) and she has awesome food photos and event info.

I’ve always been a blogger ever since the invention of xanga and now I’m finally deciding to expand my blogging audience to not just friends but to the entire world. The blog that truly showed me I could reach a mass audience was through the power of tagging.

With my blog I hope to be able to share my experiences with not just locals, but travelers from all over the world. Just as how blogs helped me find places to eat in Japan and Korea (and helped with finding directions too!), I hope I can help Japanese and Korean readers find good places to visit too. especially since all of the tour books I noticed from my Japanese and Korean friends about L.A. feature only cliche and overdone places. I believe they should be able to find great local finds that are unique and worth the time.

So, how will I reach these audiences? With my Japanese and Korean language skills, I hope to soon write all of my blog entries in 3 languages (English, Korean, Japanese) to reach a bigger audience! It will also help discipline me to practice these other languages too!